In 2021, Amplifon Hearing Health Care is transitioning to a new provider portal. As we move our health plan partners over to this new system, there will be a period of time where we will be using both the existing system and new system. During this transitional period, your patient's health plan will determine which platform to use for accessing referrals and plan information.

If you have an existing Amplifon patient you've already seen from a plan that is listed under the New Portal Sign-In, please check the Existing Portal first to see if their record already exists there.  Any existing patient record should be completed in the system in which it was begun.

Below are links to both platform log-ins. This page will be updated frequently. Please make sure to check this page often.

New Portal Sign-in

Use the new Amplifon provider portal sign-in ONLY for new patients with these plans:

  • UPMC



Last updated: 11/16/20
Existing Portal Sign-in

Use the existing portal sign-in for all other current and new patients.





Last updated: 11/16/20