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Saving you money,
one claim at a time

High-quality and cost-effective hearing care for work-related hearing loss


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A balancing act.

When employees suffer work-related hearing loss, we’ll help you manage their care and your bottom line.

Estimated annual spend on Work Comp

hearing loss

$242 million


Number impacted by workplace exposure to  

hazardous noise

31 million

Number of annual workplace 

hearing loss cases


Amplifon can help.

Unmatched features and advantages 

Service Excellence
Customers are at the center of our work. Our prompt attention and efficient processes ensures that claimants get the care they need quickly. It’s typically just 3 weeks until claimants receive their hearing aids and are hearing well at work. 
Rigorous Credentialing
All hearing healthcare professionals and facilities in our network undergo rigorous and detailed credentialing review that supports the highest standards of care.
Product Choice
With access to the ten leading hearing aid brands and hundreds of product options, we can be sure to find the best, most cost-effective hearing solution for each claimant.
Cost Containment
We verify medical necessity by conducting audiological peer-to-peer review for every claimant.  This ensures the provider’s hearing aid recommendation is appropriate and balances the claimant’s needs while protecting the payor’s bottom line. 
Competitive Pricing
Plans include a variety of pricing, product, and feature selections. Based on your unique needs, we offer market-tested turnkey options through to custom, comprehensive packages. You choose what's right for you.
Education & Training
Our proactive approach to hearing care includes an emphasis on education, including training available to earn CEU credits.