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Less than 2% of insurance plans cover hearing aids and hearing exams.1

Offering a hearing benefit
has a proven link to overall health.

Research shows an increasing need for hearing health care — and increased links between good hearing and overall health — yet surprisingly few plans offer this sought-after benefit. Quite simply, better hearing means healthier lives for members. And a stronger health plan for you.

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It’s about more than just ears. 

If left untreated, people with hearing loss are subject to social isolation and the wide range of physical, emotional and cognitive issues that follow. Treatment for these related conditions can be prohibitively expensive, for members and insurers alike — so comprehensive hearing care puts your plan ahead of the game.

Hearing loss has hidden costs:

Average yearly cost to treat



People with untreated hearing loss are 2x as likely to experience depression.2

Average yearly cost to treat



People with untreated hearing loss are 5x as likely to experience dementia.3

Average yearly cost to treat a

Catastrophic Fall


People with untreated hearing loss are 3x as likely to experience a catastrophic fall.3

Untreated hearing loss is a BIG problem.


Of the 36 million Americans who need hearing aids, only 16% have ever used one.4,5


Untreated hearing loss results in health care costs that are 33% higher.6

How can a hearing health program help you manage rising costs without shifting the burden to employers and members? That's where Amplifon comes in. We design benefit programs to meet your objectives, right along with your members’ hearing health care needs. The result: your plan stands apart from the crowded landscape, and your new and existing members enjoy more robust benefits.

The impacts are real.

The difference is yours to make.

Today, hearing loss is the third most common physical condition, and the number of Americans affected is expected to double by 2030.7, 8 Broader, richer benefit offerings are in demand, and affordable cost is critical. Amplifon is here to help you connect, attract and retain members with the highest quality care.