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Common Questions

Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions our team receives. From resetting your password to understanding your patients’ benefits, you can find the answers to (almost) every common question right here.
Amplifon Hearing Health Care partners with hearing healthcare businesses and professionals like independently owned audiology practices, franchise hearing healthcare businesses and ENT clinics. We work with these business owners to provide the best possible hearing healthcare to our Amplifon members.
While we usually contract directly with insurance companies, employers and other organizations, anyone may qualify to join the Amplifon Essential Plan. You can refer new patients to Amplifon at any time by entering their information on the “Add Patient” screen of myamplifonusa.com. Once a patient is added, we’re notified automatically and will verify their insurance benefit. The patient referral will then be available to process after being approved (roughly 24-48 hours after being added). Please refer to the Provider Portal Guide for specific instructions.

Provider Portal Guide Download
The Provider Portal (available at myamplifonusa.com) was created to help you easily view your Amplifon referrals, create appointments and enter hearing aid sales for patients referred to your location. The Provider Portal makes it easy for you to manage your referrals and shows you all the relevant referral activities on your dashboard, including a detailed summary of processed sales.
You can find our most current Diagnostic Testing Fee Schedule under the Resources tab in the Provider Portal (www.myamplifonusa.com).
If your office offers the same hearing aid at a lower price than what is in the Amplifon Pricing Guide, please contact Amplifon Provider Relations at 1-800-920-4327.
An Amplifon plan where the patient is responsible for 100% of the payment at the time of their service. Pricing is established by Amplifon for testing and hearing aid charges. Testing fees are collected and retained by your office while hearing aid fees are paid directly to Amplifon.
Yes; you can bill your patient’s insurance for testing services. If the patient is responsible for a co-pay, the payment would be paid to your office.
No; Amplifon requires payment in full when the hearing aids are fit. Amplifon will provide your patient with a receipt which they submit to their insurance to be reimbursed for any eligible hearing benefits.

An Amplifon plan where the third party will pay all or a portion of the services and/or hearing aids for the patient. The insurance verification can be found in the Amplifon Insurance section of the customer summary on myamplifonusa.com. There are two options for funded plans through Amplifon:

  1. Amplifon will conduct billing for patient’s funded portion to be paid.
  2. Amplifon requires payment in full when the hearing aids are fit. Amplifon will provide the patient with a receipt which they will submit to their insurance to be reimbursed for any eligible hearing benefits.

Payments for diagnostic testing vary based on the specific Amplifon partner and health plan. The details of the Funded Plan payment options are provided in the insurance verification section of the customer summary. These are the two most common payment options through a Funded Plan:  

  1. If testing isn’t covered under Amplifon, the patient pays the location directly for diagnostic testing services. The patient can then seek reimbursement from their health plan; or you can bill the plan directly at the insurance contracted rates, if applicable.
  2. You submit a receipt of delivery form with documentation about the diagnostic testing services provided to Amplifon. Amplifon then bills the plan on your behalf, and reimburses you for the diagnostic testing services provided with the provider reimbursement fee.
No; Your office does not need to bill the patient's insurance. Amplifon will bill the patient's insurance plan for the amount covered and listed on the insurance verification form. This process begins when your office returns the Receipt of Delivery form. Your patient is responsible for the balance at the time of delivery.

Patients contact their insurance company and are then referred to Amplifon. Amplifon representatives will verify the patient's eligibility and refer them to your practice. You’ll receive an email notification about the referral, be called by Amplifon or be notified in the Provider Portal (myamplifonusa.com). After receiving that notification, you’ll want to help your patient book their appointment.

First, you’ll want to review the patient's information from within the Provider Portal at myamplifonusa.com. Then, contact your patient directly to schedule their appointment.
No; Amplifon refers patients to a single provider location only. However, if a patient wants to change locations, they can call Amplifon back at any time to do so.
The PO# in the myamplifonusa.com system is valid until there is a sale associated with the PO#.
Patients are either transferred to your office to schedule an appointment or instructed to contact your office when their letter is received in the mail. However, we encourage providers to contact their patients to assist with the scheduling process. Please contact Amplifon Provider Relations at 1-800-920-4327 if you don’t see your patient listed on your myamplifonusa.com dashboard within 24 hours of scheduling the appointment.
Conduct the necessary testing for your patient. Your patient will then pay the clinic directly for any testing conducted. Follow the Amplifon discounted rates listed on the Diagnostic Service Fee Schedule (see below) or on myamplifonusa.com. If your patient has insurance that covers testing, you may bill the patient’s insurance for testing services only. If your patient is responsible for a co-pay, the payment would be paid to your office. If your clinic does not routinely charge for testing, Amplifon patients cannot be charged as per typical insurance billing guidelines. Please contact Amplifon Provider Relations at 1-800-920-4327 if you have any questions or need additional testing codes.
CPT Description Amplifon Fee
92551 Screen Test Air Only $0.00
92556 Speech Audio with SRT & Discr. $21.00
92557 Comprehensive Hearing Test $48.00
92567 Tympanometry $18.00
92568 Acoustic Reflex Testing $15.00
  1. A patient contacts Amplifon; the Patient Care Advocate explains the program and finds them a location in their area. The Patient Care Advocate enters the patient’s information into myamplifonusa.com and your location is notified of the referral via email.
  2. You log into myamplifonusa.com and access the dashboard to view your referrals. New referrals can be viewed in the Referral Preview section or by clicking on the Referrals tab.
  3. Your office calls your Amplifon patient to make an appointment.
  4. Your patient comes in for their appointment and is recommended hearing aids.
  5. You log into your myamplifonusa.com dashboard and locate your patient listed on the Referrals List to share what happened at the appointment.
  6. You order their hearing aids through the manufacturer using the Process Sales PO# listed on the dashboard and the Amplifon bill-to account number under the Ordering section. The complete list of bill-to-account numbers is listed under the Resources Tab.
  7. You receive the hearing aids from the manufacturer, enter them into step 2 of the myamplifonusa.com system and make an appointment for your patient’s fitting.
  8. Your patient is fitted with hearing aids and you collect payment from them. You then complete step 3 (Confirm and Pay) in the myamplifonusa.com system. If the patient pays with credit card or check, you may process the payment in step 3 of the  myamplifonusa.com system. See the Payments section for all payment options.
  9. Once the hearing aids and payment are both entered, print the Receipt of Delivery (some plans additional paperwork may print) in step 4 of the myamplifonusa.com system.
  10. You and your patient then sign and date the Receipt of Delivery (and any other paperwork that prints out in step 4).
  11. Lastly, you fax the completed Receipt of Delivery (along with additional paperwork that prints out in step 4 for select plans) with manufacturer packing slip to 1-888-844-5713. If your patient paid by check that was not entered in as an E-Check, mail the check to Amplifon along with a copy of all the completed paperwork including the packing slip.
You can find our most current Diagnostic Fee Schedule under the Resources tab of the Provider Portal (myamplifonusa.com).

Order the hearing aid(s)/earmold(s) directly from the manufacturer. Use the Amplifon bill-to account number listed below and your clinic’s ship to account number. A purchase order number (PO#) is required to place the order and this number is located on your myamplifonusa.com dashboard.

Manufacturer Phone Number Bill-to-Number
Phonak 1.800.777.7333 5120010036
Resound 1.800.248.4327 G123155
Rexton 1.800.876.1141 RA0712
Signia 1.800.766.4500 C50023675
Sonic Innovations 1.888.423.7344 HPO-04608
Starkey* 1.800.328.8602 M5007
Unitron 1.800.888.8882 5520010036
Widex* 1.800.221.0188 74850
Oticon 1.800.526.3921 26453

Please contact the following people at these manufacturers with your first hearing aid order:

Starkey – Contact your Starkey Sales Representative

Widex – Email: US-credit-VIP@widex.com

Earmolds are included in the price of BTE products. Only standard shipping (First Class Mail) is authorized with the earmold order from Emtech, Great Lakes Earmold or Precision Laboratories. Earmold orders through the hearing aid manufacturer can be ordered with original hearing aid orders only and with standard manufacturer shipping methods (i.e. FedEx).

Manufacturer Phone Number Bill-to-Number
Emtech Laboratories 1.800.336.5719 32243
Great Lakes Earmold 1.800.842.8184 HearPO
Precision Laboratories 1.800.327.4792 55446K
Resound* 1.800.248.4327 G123155
Signia* 1.800.766.45004 C50023675
Unitron* 1.800.888.8882 5520010036
Starkey* 1.800.328.8602 M5007
On the day of the hearing aid fitting, follow the steps in the myamplifonusa.com Quick Guide to enter the sale into myamplifonusa.com. Print all of the paperwork in step 4 and review it with your patient. Both the credentialed provider and patient should then sign and date all of the paperwork. All payments for the hearing aids are due at the time of fitting.
Amplifon; all payments for hearing aids are due at the time of fitting. Credit card and E-Check payments may be processed in step 3 (for help, please refer to the myamplifonusa.com Quick Guides located under the Resource tab).

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) – Enter in myamplifonusa.com Step 3: Confirm & Pay screen.
  • E-Check – Enter in myamplifonusa.com Step 3: Confirm & Pay screen (Cashier’s checks, money order, credit card checks or third-party checks cannot be processed through E-Check. Please mail those types of checks, with completed Receipt of Delivery form, to us at Fifth Street Towers, 150 South 5th Street, Suite 2300, Minneapolis, MN 55402).
  • Check – Made out to and mailed to Amplifon Hearing Health Care.
  • Money Order or Cashier’s Check – Made out to and mailed to Amplifon Hearing Health Care.
  • CareCredit (6 and 12 month no interest) – Print and complete the form in myamplifonusa.com Step 3: Confirm & Pay screen. Fax the form to Amplifon Hearing Health Care with all of the other paperwork

Amplifon works with CareCredit to offer a 6- or 12-month interest-free option, as well as a 24-, 36- or 48-month extended finance option at 14.9% interest. If the patient doesn’t have a Care Credit account, please direct them to www.carecredit.com to apply prior to the fitting of the hearing aid. Please refer to their website for more details.

If your patient is paying with CareCredit, select the CareCredit option in the Payment screen (located in step 3 of Myamplifonusa.com system) and print off the CareCredit form. Fax that form with the completed and signed Receipt of Delivery to Amplifon to the number listed at the bottom of the form.

If payment is by check (and not processed as an E-Check), print the Receipt of Delivery Form (located in step 4 of Myamplifonusa.com system) and mail the check with a copy of the Receipt of Delivery Form and Manufacturer packing slip to:

Amplifon Hearing Health Care
150 South 5th Street, Suite 2300
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Provider reimbursements are paid out at 60 days of delivery.

(NOTE: All payments for hearing aids and accessories are processed through Amplifon.)
Returns and exchanges can be initiated in myamplifonusa.com. Please refer to the Return & Exchange Quick Guide for full instructions on how to process a return or an exchange.

The return/exchange form is required to be filled out for any of the following:

  • If you are not using myamplifonusa.com
  • If you are requesting a return or exchange after the trial period has ended (prior authorization from Amplifon Hearing Health Care is required in this case)

Please visit the Documents page and find the “Returns & Exchanges” form. Otherwise, the return/exchange form can be located in the myamplifonusa.com Dashboard, by clicking on the Resources tab.


**All exchanges must be completed within the 60 day trial period.

  1. Complete the Amplifon exchange process in myamplifonusa.com.
  2. Enter the new product in myamplifonusa.com.
  3. Return the hearing aid(s) to the manufacturer using their return form.
  4. Order new product from manufacturer using Amplifon’s account number and the PO# from the new Receipt of Delivery form.
  5. When the new product is fit, forward the Receipt of Delivery form to Amplifon.
  6. Provider reimbursement will be forwarded within 60 days of the new fit date.

**All returns must be completed within the 60 day trial period.

  1. Initiate the Amplifon Return in myamplifonusa.com.
  2. Return the hearing aid(s) to the manufacturer using their return form.
  3. Provider reimbursement is not paid on returned products.
  4. If provider reimbursement has been paid, this must be returned to Amplifon within 30 days of the patient returning the hearing aid(s) to providers office.

To replace a hearing aid under the loss and damage warranty, please follow the steps below. This transaction is handled directly between the patient and the provider’s office at the set deductible amount listed below. The only exception to this process is when a hearing aid is lost for a Workers’ Compensation claimant (in these instances, contact Amplifon’s Workers’ Compensation Division at 1.888.319.9206).

  1. Verify with the manufacturer if the warranty is still in effect.
  2. Complete the manufacturer’s paperwork utilizing clinics bill-to account number and ship-to account number.
  3. Send to the manufacturer to obtain a replacement hearing aid under the loss and damage warranty.
  4. The patient pays your office the Amplifon deductible amount. 
  5. Payment is retained within your office.
  6. Notify patient the loss and damage warranty has been utilized and any future loss is their responsibility.

Manufacturer Type Fee Per Aid
Phonak Loss & Damage Deductible $245
Resound Loss & Damage Deductible $285
Rexton Loss & Damage Deductible $300
Signia Tier 1 Loss & Damage Deductible $210
Signia Tier 2 Loss & Damage Deductible $260
Signia Tier 3 Loss & Damage Deductible $320
Sonic Innovations Loss & Damage Deductible $295
Starkey Loss & Damage Deductible (2017 & Earlier) $185
Starkey Loss & Damage Deductible (2018 & Later) $270
Unitron Loss & Damage Deductible $250
Widex Loss & Damage Deductible $250
Oticon Loss & Damage Deductible $275

Loss and Damage Options Amplifon per Aid
Loss/Damage Deductible (M-E 1) $325
Loss/Damage Deductible (M-E 2) $300
Loss/Damage Deductible (M-E 3) $235
Loss/Damage Deductible (M-E 4) (ME200) $175

**All exchanges and returns must be completed within the 60 day trial period.

One year of service, including follow-up care, is provided to patients who utilize and are fitted with a hearing aid(s) under the Amplifon Program with no set number of appointments specified.

Yes; for every new order, please request a new PO# by contacting Amplifon Provider Relations at 1-800-920-4327.

Yes; earmolds are $45 per ear for Amplifon members and are purchased directly through your clinic.